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May 22, 2022

Mass resignation and protest threats at PDL Italy

Over ten representatives of the ruling Democrat Liberal Party’s (PDL) Italy branches announced a decision to hand in their resignation en masse, according to the publication ‘Gazeta Romaneasca’ in Italy, quoted by Mediafax. The ‘head’ of the riot was apparently PDL Florence leader Stefan Stanasel. The reason for the decision is the Bucharest government’s “bankrupting policies” and its tough austerity measures. The PDL Italy leaders also announced plans to stage protests in front of Romania’s consular offices in the country. “We have decided to leave this political formula because of the lack of a clear policy for Romanians abroad and the Romanians in Italy, and also because of the economic disaster in our country,” Stanasel said. In reply, PDL Diaspora Senator Viorel Badea said the scandal triggered by some members of the Italian branches was “a storm in a tea cup” triggered by Stanasel. Badea added that Stanasel’s main problem is not the government’s performance, but the fact that he wants to run in next year’s legislative elections and has very low chances to be nominated.

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