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March 31, 2023

Survey: NGOs take dim view of MPs

The overwhelming majority of NGOs think that MPs take no interest in their activities, while 86 pc of the senators and deputies claim they use the reports drafted by non-governmental bodies, according to the conclusions of a report published by the Institute for Public Policies (IPP), quoted by Mediafax. The Institute for Public Policies released a survey which confronts the MPs’ perception of the activity of NGOs and, respectively, the civil society’s perception of the activity of the Legislative, in its present make-up. “NGOs which took part in the poll are much more cautious in their collaboration with MPs, as most of them argue such partnerships could be politically exploited to boost the popularity of the politician in question. 44 pc of the respondents from the ranks of NGOs stated they had not collaborated with any MP during this mandate,” the release which presents the results of the poll reads.

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