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March 23, 2023

PDL plans to get its mayors re-elected, win new constituencies

PDL first vice-president Gheorghe Flutur said yesterday that, as of next week, the party will start preparations in view of next year’s local elections, so he and PDL secretary general Ioan Oltean will have talks with county branches, in order to decide the candidates of the party. According to his statements, Flutur will crisscross the country, seeking the best solutions that will allow PDL to obtain a good score in the 2012 local elections. PDL wants to see all its 1,168 mayors re-elected, and also win new constituencies.

State secretaries with poor results are about to be replaced

Also yesterday, Flutur announced that PDL will start on July 18 a weeklong process of evaluating the state secretaries, heads of agencies and company managers it appointed in the past years. A criterion will also be the position of ministers that coordinate these officials, he added. Those who will be found to have an “unsatisfactory” activity will be replaced, while a decision in the case of officials with “satisfactory” activity will be made at a later moment. Asked about the evaluation of ministers, the PDL vice-president said that, for now, only state secretaries, agency chiefs and company managers are being evaluated.

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