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October 23, 2021

Transporters say the new eco tax is incorrect and will hurt the economy

The new tax on pollution is unfounded, incorrect and will have tough effects for transporters and the Romanian economy, the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) warns in a press release.

“This draft act is based on the provisions of Directive 2009/33 about the purchase of non-polluting vehicles by authorities and public service providing companies, which it wrongly expands upon all vehicle owners, while omitting to enforce the provisions of Regulation 800/2008 about the state granting incentives on the purchase of low-polluting vehicles; in the case of revamping the existing vehicles this aid should reach 55 pc of the eligible costs,” reads the release.

According to UNTRR, the draft regulation takes into account neither the taxes paid by transporters, nor the provisions of Directive 1999/62, with its latest modifications and amendments recently adopted by the European Parliament, about internalising the external costs determined by noise and atmospheric pollution, and congestion. “Thus, the Ministry of Environment and Forest only comes with a new proposal that is not in line with the European legislation of transport, environment and tax regime, trying to put even more burden upon the shoulders of road carriers,” adds the release.

UNTRR considers that the best variant is a simple approach, applicable to everybody, that will stimulate the purchase of new vehicles but will also make a correct differentiation through an infrastructure tax that will depend on how polluting a vehicle is. To this regard, UNTRR considers that authorities might follow the German example: paying a tax only if the vehicle is in use, lower road tax for less polluting vehicles, making the vehicle tax dependent on how old and polluting a vehicle is. This would increase the incomes of the state by two means: via the general budget and the environment fund.

In the next two weeks, the government is due to make a decision over the recently announced variant of the road tax, but the inter-ministerial committee came with a new idea about enforcing a general eco tax for all vehicles, the minister of Environment, Laszlo Borbely announced Tuesday.

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