Virtual tour of Peles and Pelisor castles

The Peles National Museum (MPN) offers online visitors the chance to take a virtual tour of the Peles and Pelisor castles, accessing a specially-allotted section on the institution’s official website. According to a release by the Museum, the virtual tour, made up of 20 panoramic 360 degree-views, includes original sections, such as the “Artefact of the Month” and “Personalities”, helping the public get a general picture of the range of the museum’s art collections and cultural activities, namely, temporary exhibitions, classical music concerts, workshops and educational programmes.

The public can embark on the virtual tour of the two castles by accessing­tual. By the mid of this year, the Peles National Museum has already hosted over 15 concerts, two temporary exhibitions and numerous events, such as the “Eas­ter-Egg Hunt at the Peles Castle”, the elegant cars’ contest, the Long Night of Museums and the Gala of the “Remember Enes­cu” International Violin Contest.

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