Government approved bill for extended confiscation of assets

The Government approved, on Wednesday evening, the bill on the extended confiscation of assets. The document is to modify the present Criminal Code, enshrining in legislation the extended confiscation of assets, the prime-minister Emil Boc stated, at the end of the Cabinet meeting. According to the premier, a person condemned for crimes liable to bring prison sentences longer than five years will be under obligation to prove that he/she obtained his/her assets by legal means. The bill allows the confiscation of that portion from one’s wealth whose legal nature cannot be proved with documents. “Thus, an unlawfully-made wealth, which was not obtained by legal means, can be seized more easily. Public opinion will be vindicated, as the authorities will be able to seize these assets,” Boc stated, quoted by Mediafax. According to procedure, the bill has to be adopted by the Parliament as well.

The Government violated the transparency law by adopting the bill for the extended confiscation of wealth only one day after its publication, APADOR-CH claims, arguing that the Executive was pushed to act in this manner “by exclusively political reasons”, and calls on the Parlia­ment to refuse the debate thereof.

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