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December 8, 2021

National Road Company’s employees got nothing but promises following protest

The employees of the Romanian National Roads and Highways Company (CNADNR) protested, yesterday, at the institution’s office, because they hadn’t got the promised raises. Protesters’ numbers amounted to 250, Mediafax reports. Their representatives were invited to talks by the minister of Transports and Infrastructure, Anca Boagiu. The representative of the Professional Trade Union of Road-builders in Romania, Maria Mare, stated that they had got nothing but promises and that, unless they get a clear response by Friday, they would start collecting signatures to sue the company.

Trade unionists claim that, since May 1, CNADNR should have applied the collective labour agreement signed on April 28, which would have presupposed the signing of additional documents for all the company’s employees, granting them a number of raises and bonuses to their base pay.  The representative of the “Familia” Trade Unions’ General Federation, Ramona Veleanu, stated that CNADNR refused to apply the resolution of granting raises as of May 1 because trade unionists had sued the company’s management to get an annulment of the collective sacking procedure initiated in March.

The deputy director general of CNADNR, Ionut Masala, stated that he had explained to the trade unionists that no raises could be granted as long as the employees sued for the annulment of collective sackings. Trade unionists, on the other hand, claim that the collective sacking decision is illegal and that CNADNR employees have to manage 13,500 km of national and European roads, while all enabling works are carried out by private firms, as many services have been outsourced.

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