Videanu “washes his hands” of the Constanda row

The former mayor of Bucharest casts all the blame upon Sorin Oprescu, while also clearing Traian Basescu of any responsibility.

The former general mayor of Bucharest, Adriean Videanu (PDL) claims that the row between businessman Costica Constanda and the local administration of Bucharest has nothing to do with the activity of either him or Traian Basescu, when they were the mayors of the Capital city. “The present legal conflict (…) started in 2010, during the term of acting general mayor Sorin Oprescu, and of the acting General Council of Bucharest. As a consequence, it is them that must solve the row, to the best interest of Bucharest citizens,” Videanu mentions in a press release quoted by Mediafax.

Furthermore, Videanu states that, while he was mayor, he found “the correct solution, to the benefit of Bucharest population,” which he transmitted to the acting administration, which should have enforced it. “I am happy for being able to arrange and return the Bordei Park to the people of Bucharest. I expect the acting general mayor, Sorin Oprescu, to move forward the projects I started at the Municipality of Bucharest, as he did with the Basarab Passageway,” he added. Videanu ignores in his statement the fact that Bordei Park was given to Constanda by the City Hall during the Mayorship of Traian Basescu.

On the other hand, the Social Liberal Union (USL) considers that the verdict of the Bucharest Tribunal (TB) that forces the Municipality to pay Constanda compensations worth EUR 165 M “relies upon the tacit complicity” between the businessman and PDL. “It is of notoriety that Constanda belongs to the political clientele of the Democratic Party (PDL). This made it possible for Constanda to receive the Bordei Park and to turn this park into a real estate scam. As they could not profit from the planned destruction of the Bordei Park, Constanda and his political and financial friends of the Democratic Party conceived a financial fraud directed against the Municipality,” reads a press release signed by PSD President Victor Ponta and the leader of PNL Bucharest, Andrei Chiliman.

According to the source, the representatives of PDL in the General Council of Bucharest have systematically sabotaged the voting of the Zonal Urban Plan that would have extinguished the litigation between Constanda and the Municipality. “We hope the Romanian Justice has not sunk so low as to guarantee such a huge financial scam that will be paid by the people of Bucharest. We are confident that the upper courts will correct the injustice committed by the Bucharest Tribunal,” says the release.

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