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May 20, 2022

Baccalaureate: Graduation rate slightly up following contestations

The rate of students who passed the exam rose by a mere 1.25 pc, amounting to 45.72 pc.

Contestations filed after the baccalaureate exam did not bring about spectacular turns of events. After the final results in the 2011 baccalaureate were announced, the rate of students who passed the exam rose by a mere 1.25 pc, amounting to 45.72 pc. High school students filed over 80,000 contestations, double last year’s figure.“The rate of students who passed the baccalaureate exam in the June-July 2011 session is 45.72 pc. The difference from the initial percentage, of 44.47 pc, is 1.25 pc, which is akin to differences reported in the past years” Education Minister, Daniel Funeriu, stated.

Out of the total number of contestations, 26,580 referred to the Romanian language and literature test, 25,527 to Maths, 9,568 to Biology, 4,978 to Geography, 3,281 to History, 3,156 to Physics, while 675 candidates contested the marks they got in the maternal language test, according to data centralized by the Ministry of Education. Nonetheless, the reviewing of the exam papers did not mean good news for all the students. For instance, a student of the Fine Arts High School in Focsani, who had initially got 5.30 in the philosophy exam and who contested the mark, got 1.60 following the review. A high student in Sibiu flunked the baccalaureate exam following contestations, even if he had passed it initially.

There were, however, a number of cases in which students who filed contestations got the highest mark, 10, after their papers were reviewed. Thus, a student at one of the finest high schools in Iasi got the average 10 in the school leaving exam, after contesting the mark she had got in the Maths test – 9.60.

In other schools, some students got much higher marks than the ones granted initially, for which reason investigations were initiated by the county education boards. A student in Oradea, who had initially got 5.9 in the Maths exam, was awarded 8.45 after the contestations. In Vaslui County, as well, a number of 26 papers were reviewed and got marks at least 1.5 points above or below the initial mark.

However, according to the results announced after the contestations were solved, only one in two high school students passed the maturity exam this year and many high schools in the country reported zero graduates. The results indicate this has been the poorest baccalaureate exam in the past 20 years.

Boc: a wake-up call

Attending, in Cluj-Napoca, the signing of two European environmental contracts, the prime-minister Emil Boc stated that the recent baccalaureate exam had been “a wake-up call” for the educational system in Romania and advised the candidates who flunked the exam to start studying as there is always a second chance.

Poll: students – first to blame for poor exam results

Most Romanians think that high school students are the first to blame for the poor results in this year’s baccalaureate exam, according to an IRES poll, conducted on July 5. Most of the respondents think that the results correspond to fact and argue that the results reflect the amount of knowledge amassed by the students during their time in school. Furthermore, 69 pc of the participants believe that, this year, there was little or very little cheating in the baccalaureate exam. The poll further indicates that 38 pc of the respondents agree with the assertion that the Education Minister should resign after the exam, while 27 pc do not agree at all with the assertion.

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