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January 23, 2022

Boc: Funds from lagging EU contracts should go to other European projects

The prime-minister Emil Boc called on the ministers, during yesterday’s EU funds committee meeting, to fine beneficiaries who do not abide by the originally agreed calendar in the running of EU funded-projects, by allotting the funds to other European projects. “At the same time, the premier called on the ministers and state secretaries to be rigorous in ensuring the public acquisition regulations are abided by. In this context, the head of the Cabinet called for harsh measures, ranging from fines to the cancellation of funding contracts,” a release by the Government, quoted by Mediafax, reads. According to the same source, the National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement (ANRMAP) will draft sets of instructions and guidelines for the authorities contracted, referring to the selection criteria and standard checks, cases in which public acquisition procedures can be accelerated, as well as other  good practice measures. The prime-minister had stated, previously, that ministers had been authorised to cancel EU contracts which fail to meet implementation terms, without providing an adequate justification, or in cases where irregularities are found in the acquisition procedure, a decision resulting from the very low level of actual reimbursements of EU money for completed works.

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