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March 31, 2023

“We adopt a flexible approach, which allows us to provide personalized services”

Interview with Giulio Simonelli, General Manager of Banca Italo Romena.

Banca Italo Romena made its etrance on the Romanian market as a bank focused on the entrepreneurial segment, a direction it maintains to this day, even if, for some years now, it started targeting the private sector. What is the Institute’s approach to enterprises, as far as loans are concerned, in the present context?

Banca Italo Romena, targets mainly small and medium-sized enterprises – not only the Italian, but also the Romanian ones or foreign companies operating in Romania – offering them ever more innovative and competitive products. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the most dynamic sector within a market economy, especially in Romania, where so many sectors compete for the opportunities afforded by European funds. Our main business is represented by loans, but we offer other products as well: from leasing to consultance and all the way to a range of specialized loans for various activities. To attend to a growing number of enterprises operating in the most varied sectors, which often have specialized demands, we adopt a flexible approach, which allows us to provide personalised services and, at the same time, quick answers, due to a short decision-making chain.

What are the funding pro­ducts you offer?

Banca Italo Romena offers short-term, medium-term and long-term loans. Within the short-term category, credit lines and document anticipation operations meet the enterprises’ immediate needs, to allow them to pursue their current activities or to take advantage of opportunities on the market. For investment plans or complex development projects, we offer a wide range of solutions specially fitted to the type of enterprise and the type of project they have in mind. Granted in RON or foreign currency, the investments loans for purchasing and/or the upgradeing of production equipment, machines or buildings, can include a pre-amortization period for the reimbursment thereof, granting them the time they need until the investment starts paying off.

What are the main advantagesof  these funding pro­ducts?

Any bank could answer this by stating it has the best pro­ducts on the market. I am convinced that Banca Italo Romena has a series of very appealing offers for enterprises. However, the main difference from our competitors, as regards loans, leasing and many other products and services, lies, first and foremost, in three factors. Firstly, we benefit from the long experience of the Veneto Banca Group, which boasts a history of over 134 years; a successful experience which is not limited to Italy, but also includes four countries in Eastern Europe. Secondly, we have the highly professional – both Italian and Romanian – staff, always up-to-date, dynamic and motivated, capable to provide prompt and comprehensive answers to any questions. At the same time, in our operations, we are always guided by our Group’s mission: catering to local needs and creating value, in time, for our clients, with a sense of moral responsibility.

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