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March 24, 2023

Private pension funds’ assets rise to RON 5.76 bln

The assets of compulsory (Pylon II) and optional (Pylon III) private pension funds rose, in the first half of 2011, by 58 pc, compared to June 30, 2010, and by 23.5 pc, compared to its value at the end of last year, to RON 5.76 bln, the Private Pension System Supervisory Commission announced, quoted by Mediafax. Figures rose by 3.57 pc in June compared to May. In the first half-year, 19,808 new contributors chose to join one of the optional pension funds, while the Pylon II reported a rise by 138,452 people, in participants’ number. At the end of the first half-year, 5.32 million people contributed to private pension funds, rising by 5.34 pc, compared to the first half of 2010, by 2.67 pc, compared to the end of 2010, and by 0.31 pc, compared to May 2011. Furthermore, the average contribution per participant in June 2011 amounted to RON 31.55, rising by 15.78 pc, compared to the first half of 2010, and by 23.61 pc, compared to the end of the preceding year. Compared to last month, figures rose by 0.41 pc.

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