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May 24, 2022

Roberta Anastase and Sever Voinescu cleared of alleged pension bill vote fraud

The High Court Prosecutor’s Office decided not to prosecute lower Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase and Secretary Sever Voinescu, explaining that no criminal offence of lack of quorum was identified under the criminal law. ‘The analysis of the material administered in the case found that no criminal offence of lack of quorum, as defined by the criminal law, was committed during that particular sitting, because the Regulation of the Chamber of Deputies is the act which provides for the procedure to follow in all legislative activities as well as for remedies in situations where MPs claim the violation of such procedures. According to the minutes of the meeting, the quorum requirement for the vote on the unitary pension system was fulfilled and it was not challenged according to parliamentary procedures but confirmed by the rejection of the proposal to take a new vote’, reads the prosecutor’s release.

The criminal complaint against the two officials was filed by PSD and PC at the end of September, Anastase and Voinescu being accused of defective voting on the Pension Law. After the electronic voting system had experienced a malfunction, the vote on the pension bill was voted on by raising hands. The vote count yielded more votes than the actual number of attending MPs, which made the opposition claim a voting fraud.

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