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September 25, 2020

“Rosia Montana – then and now” – photography exhibition

The Bucharest Union of Architects is hosting, until July 29, the photography exhibition “Rosia Montana – ieri si azi” (Rosia Montana – then and now). The exhibition includes 30 archive and contemporary snapshots, which present Rosia Montana’s monuments, landscapes and traditions. Rosia Montana is the most ancient settlement in Romania, whose first historical attestation dates 2,000 years back.  The archive photographs included in the exhibition depict aspects of everyday life in Rosia Montana, a century ago: the central market where the merchants, shepherds and gold jewellers came to trade their goods, the Piatra Corbului and Detunata natural monuments or the tradition of extracting gold using the so-called “steamp” (wooden mills running on water power), while contemporary snapshots present Rosia Montana as it stands today: heritage buildings, churches belonging to five different denominations, monument homes in a state of decay. The only aspects that endured are the breathtaking landscapes: the lakes and mountains in Rosia Montana, the Roman mining galleries which are unique in the world, protected wildlife and plants or the Carnic Mountain. The contemporary photographs were taken by Iulian Ignat, Emanuel Tanjala and Calin Capros.

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