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January 27, 2022

Cristian Diaconescu: The Cabinet should be reshuffled with political stability in mind

Ministers should be replaced on criteria related to performance, rather than based on how much European money they were able to absorb, while relations in the coalition are very good, Cristian Diaconescu said in an interview with the ‘Adevarul’ newspaper.

Diaconescu, who is vice-president of the Senate and UNPR honourary president, avoided clear answers and used its diplomatic experience to provoke the reactions of his partners. However, Diaconescu believes a reshuffling of the Cabinet should be done eyeing political stability. “Economy is starting to recover, austerity measures are working, we do not expect other measures of austerity next year, but everything on condition that we preserve the very fragile macroeconomic balance,” Diaconescu warned. According to the honourary leader of UNPR, in politics one must choose the lesser evil. Coming to a reshuffling of the Cabinet, Diaconescu believes the purpose of such a move is to increase the efficiency of activity – also of political activity – and ministers should be evaluated “simply based on their performance.”

Diaconescu denied rumors about UNPR wishing to receive one more ministry in the next Cabinet. “Our position is not for sale.” However, he went on saying: “We have no demands, but an offer of expertise.” Speaking about the creation of a Ministry of European Funds, Diaconescu mentioned that the move was proposed by PSD and PNL long ago. “Once it reaches the Parliament, this proposal could make the object of a political decision of toppling the Government,” Diaconescu explained. In the same interview, he said that the total absence of a political dialogue between power and opposition is a consequence of the latter’s “superficiality.”

Coming to the relations within the ruling coalition after the regionalisation project was abandoned, Diaconescu said they are “very good,” despite parties expecting some tension.

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