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March 23, 2023

Israel troops board Gaza protest boat Dignite-al Karama

Israeli commandos have boarded a boat trying to breach Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, the military says, according to the BBC. The Dignite-al Karama, the sole representative of an initial 10-vessel flotilla, had earlier been surrounded by warships and warned to change course. A military spokeswoman said the boat was being towed towards the Israeli port of Ashdod. She said the operation to board it had been conducted peacefully. The Dignite-al Karama is part of Freedom Flotilla II, which has been trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza since the end of June. Flotilla organisers say despite the opening of Gaza’s Egyptian border, the territory remains under “unlawful blockade” by the Israelis. In an earlier statement, the Israeli military said the aid could be delivered without breaching the blockade. According to Wuriones, Arab member of Israel’s Knesset, Hanin Zoabi has been suspended for sailing with the flotilla that challenged the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

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