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May 16, 2022

Nearly 70 contenders for one place at Bucharest’s Applied Modern Languages Department

The University of Bucharest’s most popular departments, this year, are Applied Modern Languages, with 69.9 candidates competing for one place, American Studies, with 23.9 contenders for one place, Portuguese, 18.5 contenders, and Business Administration, with 16.65 candidates per place.

The Applied Modern Languages degree is more and more appealing to students of this department, who wish to study English and French for purposes other than teaching, according to the institution’s website.

The term for applying to one of the University of Bucharest’s faculties was July 8 to 18. Over 20,000 candidates applied for enrolment in undergraduate programmes in this session, with an average of four candidates per non-fee-paying place. The University of Bucharest offers, in this session, 4,555 non-fee-paying places and another 6,495 fee-paying ones.

According to data centralised by the University of Bucharest, most candidates applied for the Business and Administration Faculty – 9.86 candidates per one place, and the most sought-after degree is Business Administration, with 16.65 candidates competing for one place.

Another popular faculty is the Geography one, with 7.35 contenders for one place. At the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences there are 6.57 candidates per place, at the Faculty of Political Sciences – 5.59, and, at the Faculty of Law, 5.26.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we find the Faculty of Physics, with 0.5 candidates applying for one place, Orthodox Theology – 0.87 candidates per place, Baptist Theology – 0.48 and Roman Catholic Theology – 0.8.
Between July 18 and 23, the candidates applying for faculties which maintain the entrance exam will have to take the respective tests. The term by which results have to be announced is July 26.

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