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May 17, 2022

‘Egyptian-Romanian relationship has been given a new impetus’

By    H.E. Mrs. Sanaa Esmail Atallah Esmail, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Bucharest

“We are celebrating this year the 59th anniversary of the 23rd of July Revolution, an event which was a landmark not only in the history of Egypt, but its influence expanded on to the Arab region of the African continent and reached as far as Latin America. We are also marking these days six months since the 25th of January Revolution, which occurred this very year, 2011. At a first sight, the two revolutionary events are different: whereas the 23rd of July Revolution in 1952 was made by the Egyptian Army and supported by the Egyptian population, the 25th of January 2011 revolution was made by the Egyptian people and supported by the military, represented by the Military Supreme Council. Yet, the two revolutions share common aspects: they both brought about transformations in the social and political environment, not only in the Arab world, but far beyond it, too. We are confident that our next year’s celebration will coincide with the settling down of the outcomes of the parliamentary and presidential elections, with a new Constitution of Egypt, in which everybody in our country has so high expectations. The traditionally long-standing Egyptian-Romanian relationship has also been given a new impetus lately, if we are just to mention His Excellency Teodor Baconschi’s recent visit to Egypt, in June, on which occasion he expressed the full support of the Romanian government and Romanian people for Egypt’s ongoing political and social transformations, that already started to bear their fruit. An example of that is the workshop, which was organized, in Bucharest, by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UNDP (United National Development Programme) about democratic transformations and elections, which witnessed a high level of representation from Egypt and aimed at benefiting the Romanian expertise in this domain.In this context, I would like to praise the great preparations and professionalism displayed by the UNDP and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in organizing this workshop, which also included our friends from Tunisia. Furthermore, in the upcoming period, Egypt expects to regain the number of tourists it used to have before from Romania (an average of 50,000 per year), given the challenge our country faced after the Revolution, when the tourist in-flow scored a steep decrease. I am sure that the Romanian people will follow the example of our friendly tourists from France, Italy, United Kingdom, who have already returned to their favorite destinations in Egypt – Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Shaikh, Hurghada…I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the Egyptian Community in Romania for being highly supportive on the Egyptian Revolution, from here, away from home. This great event gave them the impetus to see Egypt take its due place in the world.

God bless Egypt, Romania and all of you!”

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