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January 16, 2021

Oprescu: Over 1,000 Bucharest streets have no water or sewerage

The shocking statement was made yesterday, in the 21st century, by Sorin Oprescu, the mayor of a European capital city. Oprescu told a press conference discussing the situation of the Bucharest streets that over 1,000 streets in Bucharest have no water supply or sewerage and that approximately 700 of them are located in District 5. However, the mayor said he was confident that their number would decrease in 2012, noting that, so far, the Municipality had spent between EUR 46 and 52 M on water and sewerage projects covering a total of 353 streets 293 of which are complete, 42 in progress and in 72 will be done this year, the plans being complete and the procedures of obtaining authorisations and final permits being in progress.

‘When I started my term I said to myself that something like that was impossible (streets without water supply and sewerage in the capital city – our note). I set my mind to deal with the issue. Following major investments, we are now capable to offer Bucharest residents the minimum living conditions. My aim is to help the people of Bucharest live in their city, not just inhabit it,’ said the mayor, who also noted that Bucharest was beginning to change. On the other hand, Oprescu said that ‘you cannot recover 20 years in three years (since 2008, when he became mayor – our note).’

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