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October 4, 2022

Romania on its way to becoming “wind energy’s paradise”, Deutsche Welle said

Romania currently hosts the largest on-shore wind park in Europe. Wind energy is booming in the economically weak country, yet investors remain worried about a lack of clear regulations. Deutsche Welle (DW) said in article about Romania that is on its way to becoming wind energy’s paradise, Hotnews.ro informs.

Back in 2008, the Bucharest government agreed on a law to promote renewable energies, which it published in the Romanian government gazette. However, the European Commission has to approve these plans since they count as state aid. It was not until this summer that the document was submitted to Brussels for signature.

These delays are a huge problem for potential investors who want to support wind parks. “We are missing a stable legal framework,” says Dana Duica, chairwoman of the Romanian Wind Energy Association for DW.  Despite these starting problems, wind energy has experienced an enormous boom in Romania, one of the economically weakest EU countries. Potentially, wind energy could provide electricity for one quarter of the eight million households in Romania. Due to the new wind systems the Romanian energy price went up by 2.3 percent this year, says Dana Duica.

On the other hand, according to Romanian environmentalist Tamas Papp, the Dobrogea region close to the Danube delta is a very unfavorable location, because it lies beneath one of the most important flight paths for birds on their way to Africa. Birds of prey and storks are especially endangered by the wind park, says Tamas Papp. The environmentalist suggests shutting down the wind turbines for a couple of weeks each year, so the birds can pass them safely.

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