Businessman Dinu Patriciu slams Social Liberal Union

In an interview to daily ‘Evenimentul Zilei,’ businessman and leading Liberal Dinu Patriciu criticised the creation of the Social Liberal Union (USL), saying that it was an unnatural alliance that “cannot bring anything good to this country today unless it is dominated by the Liberals.”

Patriciu, who was one of the outspoken opponents of the alliance between opposition Social Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, underlined that that National Liberal Party should use the Social Democrats as “a tool”, arguing that socialist ideas no longer have any place in nowadays’ Europe. “Nobody in the world needs another failed state. Nobody will help us as long as we enforce a dying model. Nobody needs any more trouble to finance a quasi-communist country such as Greece. When I say quasi-communist I’m talking about the fact you could not fire any civil servant, that everybody had jobs in the public sector and nobody paid taxes,” Patriciu said. He added that all European countries led by socialists are currently faced with severe financial problems. “All social oriented states are drawing their last breath,” he said.

Asked to comment on his relationship with PNL leader Crin Antonescu, Patriciu said the two of them have a “very good relationship, humanly speaking,” but they are separated by different methods of action. As for rumours that he was asked to leave the PNL by Antonescu, Patriciu replied, “No, it’s only speculation. Only in a communist party could one be sacked for thinking in a different manner than the leader. Such things happen, but it’s wrong.”

The businessman’s statements come amid mounting reports that PSD and PNL members are at odds over joint candidate lists in next year’s elections. According to ‘Evenimentul Zilei,’ all conflicts are however stifled out by USL’s co-presidents Victor Ponta and Antonescu. The publication said the two threatened to withdraw political support for any local leaders who get involved in overt disputes over candidacies. In all counties where PSD and PNL leaders cannot reach an understanding on what candidate to endorse, the candidates will be named by USL’s central leadership based on opinion polls, the publication also said.

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