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December 3, 2021

Thermal power prices to be hiked as of August 1 in Bucharest

The people of Bucharest will pay more for thermal power as of August 1, as the price is set to rise from RON 124/Gcal to RON 169.8/Gcal, VAT included, the city council members decided, on Wednesday. The local price of thermal power distributed to households has not been modified since October 2007, when the threshold of RON 100/Gcal (VAT not included) was set, according to Mediafax. After the VAT was hiked from 19 to 24 pc, the gigacalory price rose from RON 119 to 124. The bill stipulates that, as of August 2011, the thermal power distributed to households will be paid in equal monthly instalments throughout the year. The city council estimates that, by hiking the local thermal power price to RON 137/Gcal, the Bucharest Thermal Power Distribution Authority’s annual deficit will be covered.

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