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March 31, 2023

Travel like a local!

Be at home everywhere in the world!

“One of my greatest passions is to travel, but I prefer not to travel with a guide book in one hand, a map in each pocket, and a feeling that I’m in a city solely inhabited by tourists. I like to discover streets, cities, and countries as if I lived there; meeting locals, sharing the same table with them, singing and dancing to their music, and feeling the true rhythm and passion of the place.  It’s as simple as the philosophy ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ This is the Wimdu’s motto, and in a nutshell, it’s the way we envision a vacation or a weekend getaway anywhere in the world,” Mirela Sendruc, Co-Founder Wimdu Eastern Europe.

Forget for a moment your past travels; the ones spent aimlessly wandering around with your nose buried in a guide book. With us, you can stay in apartments with personality and local flavor, while discovering the world with the help of locals. Let them give you tips and inside information about where to dine, the best clubs, off-beat attractions, and the local stories and secrets that can only be known and shared by those who live there. Our company offers another way to travel. We have created a community of travelers and hosts that puts you in touch with new friends worldwide, and allows you to discover destinations without feeling like a packaged tourist. The principle is simple: you can have your own home anywhere in the world, and, on top of that, you will receive information about the city or country you visit directly from the locals themselves! Our site provides you with high quality pictures and details about each listed property. One of the great things about us is that most of the properties on the site are visited and evaluated by one of our over 400 employees worldwide. Transparency and security are top priorities. There is also a rating system for both hosts and guests, which fosters a feeling of mutual trust and comfort. No matter your budget you can find a place that fits your needs. You can choose an unforgettable holiday in Berlin, Germany’s coolest city, while staying in a fully-equipped, stylish penthouse on the impressive Templar Straße…for only 50 euros a night! Want to go a little further? Try a bedroom in an apartment in San Francisco, perfectly located 20 minutes from the beach, for only 55 euros per night. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a castle you can choose from over 20,000 properties in 50 countries all over the world. Just type your destination into our website and book your dream vacation. We will take care of everything else.

Now in Romania!

Recently, our country has been added to the list of global holiday destinations. While in Bucharest, visitors may choose between an apartment just a two minute walk from the old-center, or they can opt for a room decorated in a Turkish-style in a garden house situated in a residential neighborhood.

Guest + host = friendship

Whether you are planning a relaxing holiday or a business trip, we can offer you a wide variety of unique places around the world. At www.wimdu.com, anyone can offer their entire house, or simply just a spare room in their apartment.

For the host this means generating extra income, and for the guest, it’s an opportunity to gain a brand new and authentic perspective on the place they visit. Apartments and rooms are furnished with a personal touch, and insider tips help you to explore the city as if you belong – hence the slogan “Travel like a local!”.

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