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March 31, 2023

European Socialist VP urges Urban to resign over Norway comments

The vice president of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, Hannes Swoboda, told RFI on Friday that Democrat Liberal Senator Iulian Urban should resign from Parliament following last week’s comments that EU leaders are morally responsible for the Norway attacks in which 76 were killed. “I think this is an outrageous statement. I’m surprised he is still an MP, because the Austrian far-right kicked out a member of the party and their political group over similar statements! According to EU standards, this man should resign and the Democrat Liberals should draw the line and kick him out of the party and their political group in Parliament,” Swoboda said, quoted by Mediafax. He added that “it’s much too late” for the situation to be discussed by the PDL leadership in its Monday session and that “measures have to be taken right away.” “It’s absolutely impossible and immoral for PDL to accept this man in their party any minute longer,” Swoboda said.

In a blog post last week, Urban wrote that it’s not only Anders Behring Breivik who is responsible for the Norway attacks, but also current EU leaders, underlining that “multiculturalism was shoved down our throats in large dosages” and now “some mad people react violently.” Responding to Swoboda’s statements, PDL spokesperson Sever Voinescu said the party is perfectly capable of “cleaning” itself. “If Mr. Swoboda really knows what Urban said and maintains his stance, he should realise that serious right-wing parties are not to be intimidated by pressures and such statements made by the Socialists,” Voinescu told Mediafax. He added that the PDL leadership may indeed discuss Urban’s statements today.

In his turn, Urban said that if Swoboda actually read his blog, he would change his opinion.

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