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May 17, 2022

Roche on track – solid operating results in the first half of 2011

The Roche Group posted solid operating results in the first half of 2011. Group sales were stable in local currencies at 21.7 billion Swiss francs.  Roche’s CEO Severin Schwan declared: “We further improved pro­fitability, mainly due to the ongoing implementation of our Operational Excellence programme. We are therefore raising our earnings target for the full-year.” Schwan added: “Roche has continuously improved its business performance and profitability over the last three years in spite of the econo­mic and financial crisis during this period. This robust performance has allowed us to both increase operating cash flows and to continue to invest in our strong product pipeline. We achieved 7 positive results out of 7 late-stage trials in the first half of this year and we recently filed our new melanoma medicine and the BRAF companion diagnostic test. These results are testimony to our innovation-focused strategy and will help to secure Roche’s future.” Roche’s Pharmaceuticals Division sales increased by 1% in local currencies, to 16.8 billion Swiss francs. This increase was supported mainly by the oncology portfolio. These products registered a robust growth, as Roche is the world’s leading producer of oncology treatments. The sales were also sustained by rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis drugs. The newest drug discovered by Roche, for the treatment of malignant melanoma, along with the BRAF companion diagnostic test have been recently submitted for approval in the U.S. and Europe. The Diagnostics Division had a turnover of 4.9 billion Swiss francs in the first 6 months of 2011, increasing by 5% in local currency and maintaining its position as market leader. Main areas of activity that supported this growth are Professional Diagnostics and Tissue Diagnostics.

Dan Zamonea, General Manager of Roche Romania, will coordinate the company’s activity in 10 other countries across the Balkans

Starting July 1, 2011, Dan Zamonea, General Manager of Roche Romania, will coordinate the business of Roche in 10 other countries in the Balkans, as Head of Management Center Romania. Dan Zamonea will continue to keep its position as General Manager of Roche Romania, which he is holding since 2001.The Management Center to be coordinated from Bucharest includes Moldova, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, a region that brings cumulative sales of about 400 million annually. Roche is employing over 350 people in these countries, where ranks among the top three companies on the corresponding markets. In the new position, Dan Zamonea will report directly to Tuygan Goeker, the Head of the CEMAI region (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent).

Personalised healthcare: a new ­section on www.roche.ro

Roche Romania recently launched a new section on www.roche.ro, dedicated to personalised healthcare. The term of “personalised healthcare” was first used in the sense known today, over 10 years ago and this concept is based on the fact that patients with the same clinical ­diagnosis may respond differently to treatment. Thus, a drug can be highly effective for a patient, but the same drug may not have similar results for another patient with the same diagnosis.

Patient’s personal characteristics and ­disease characteristics, influence the manner in which drugs act. Combining the strengths of the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics Divisions, with proven expertise in molecular biology, Roche is uniquely positioned to make ­personalised healthcare a reality.

In June, Roche Romania partici­pated for the first time to Roche Children’s Walk

Roche Romania recently joined ­colleagues from other 109 company affiliates worldwide for the eighth edition of Roche Children’s Walk. Every year since 2003 Roche employees raise awareness for children in need by walking to collect donations for day-care centers in Malawi and children’s charities in their own countries. Their commitment is supported by Roche, which organises the Children’s Walk and matches donations collected by employees. To date, the Roche Children’s Walk has raised over 7 million Swiss francs to provide lasting assistance to provide school uniforms and meals for over 13,000 orphans, support close to 100 children every year to pursue secondary education and more than 100 young adults to receive post-secondary education, including training student teachers. In addition, 3000 young people have received training in practical skills such as knitting, tin-smiting and carpentry to enable communities to become more self-sufficient for a brighter future.

New drug applications submitted in the United States and Europe for a new drug in advanced skin cancer

Roche announced the submission of a New Drug Application for a new medicine to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a Marketing Authorization Application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to be approved for treatment of people with BRAF V600 mutation-positive metastatic melanoma. Roche also submitted an application for the cobas 4800 BRAF V600 Mutation Test, a companion diagnostic. The new molecule, a “BRAF-inhibitor,” is designed to selectively target and inhibit a mutated form of the BRAF protein found in about half of all cases of melanoma, the deadliest and most ­aggressive form of skin cancer. When melanoma is diagnosed early, it is gene­rally a curable disease. However, when it spreads to other parts of the body, it is the deadliest and most aggressive form of skin cancer. A person with metastatic melanoma typically has on average a short life expectancy that is measured in months. Less than one in four people are expected to be alive one year after a diagnosis and every year there are an estimated 40,000 deaths worldwide from the disease.

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