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March 25, 2023

Antonescu launches harsh attack against Patriciu

The President of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Crin Antonescu, stated for “Gandul”, that Dinu Patriciu had lied when claiming, during a talk-show, that he had contributed to the formation of the Social Liberal Union (USL), trying to “appear more important than he is”.

“I was astonished to see Mr. Patriciu claiming he played a part in the formation of USL, because (…) this claim is utterly ridiculous and a blatant lie. Not only did not Mr. Patriciu take any part in talks which led to the formation of USL, to talks on parity, he did not take part in them because he didn’t, nor does he, have authority (e.n. entitling him to take part). Beyond being a lie, Mr. Patriciu’s claim is hilarious,” Antonescu argued. According to the Liberal president, Patriciu is trying to “appear more important” and to give the impression he can influence the Social-Democrat Party (PSD) and PNL leaders.

Antonescu added that Dinu Patriciu was not a partner of his and that the latter’s PNL membership was strictly formal, as he was not a true member. “Only one of the two is my partner, namely, Mr. Voiculescu. Mr. Patriciu is not my partner, he is a PNL member, (…) by no means a partner,” Antonescu underlined.

In another intervention on Antena 3, on Sunday evening, the Liberal leader argued that he had been avoiding making statements in reference to Dinu Patriciu up to now, but that one thing was clear: “He is free to associate with whomever he chooses, to do whatever he wants, to say these things. However, it is a matter of character and consistency if, at a time when Traian Basescu had him arrested him in the street, like a common criminal, when he was the victim of abuse, we stood by him, and if now, when the party is going through difficult times, Dinu Patriciu chooses to play a different part. It is his call.”

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