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December 5, 2022

Bercea Mondial boasted about bribing Mircea Basescu

Sandu Anghel, a.k.a. Bercea Mondial, arrested last spring for attempted murder, boasted he had bribed the president’s brother, Mircea Basescu, in exchange for release from detention. Anghel is investigated by the prosecutors after stabbing his nephew. The piece of information appears in recordings of intercepted phone calls, related to the investigation, as well as in the final report of the High Council of Magistrates (CSM)’s Disciplinary Commission for Prosecutors, according to Antena3.ro.

The commission is currently investigating the prosecutor who made this piece of information public. According to the report, the prosecutor Eugen Iacobescu seriously endangered the investigation. Eugen Iacobescu allegedly found about the money offered as bribe to Mircea Basescu from the phone calls intercepted by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), which tapped phone calls made by Bercea’s family members at the request of the prosecutor. Although he subsequently denied Mircea Basescu’s involvement in the case he was investigating, in notes dating from April 4, 2011 and May 26, 2011 the magistrate Eugen Iacobescu stated explicitly in the press that the president’s brother had received a sum of money from Bercea Mondial in exchange for obtaining his release. Another problem highlighted in the report received by CSM is the fact that, at the time when the prosecutor made the aforementioned statements to the press, the phone tapping process was still in progress and the content of the recordings had been classified.

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