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October 27, 2021

Unemployment rate slightly up to 7.5 pc

The Romanian unemployment rate calculated on the basis of Interna­tio­nal Labour Organization standards and adjusted by season was estimated at 7.5 per cent in June, slightly up compared to the month before (+0.1 per cent), the National Statist­ics In­sti­tute (INS) informs in a communi­qué. According to it, the number of unem­ployed persons (15-74 age group) stood at 727,000 in June, the number of unemployed men surpassing that of unemployed women. At the same time, according to the data that Eurostat presented on Monday, the EU’s unemployment rate remai­ned stable at 9.4 per cent in June. The Euro Zone’s unemployment rate re­mai­ned stable too, at 9.9 per cent. The lowest unemployment rate was re­ported in Austria (4 per cent), Spain being at the opposite end (21 per cent).

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