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December 7, 2021

Narcis Iustin Ianau to play a part in German opera ‘Wonder Wood’

The countertenor Narcis Iustin Nanau, a finalist of the “Romania’s Got Talent” competition, was selected to play a part in a new German opera production – “Wonder Wood” -, to have its world premiere in nine months’ time, the composer and producer of the show announced. The first casting for this production took place on Sunday and Monday in Bucharest, before the composer, Jurgen Doetsch, and the libretto-writer and producer Ali Namdar, at the invitation of Prince Paul and Princess Lia. “This is a world premiere and everyone in the opera world has their eyes on this. Everything has to be prepared very carefully, so there are many unanswered questions as yet. I am now familiar with Romania’s musical potential, though not with the production capacity,” the producer Ali Namdar stated, for Mediafax, adding he had yet to decide where the opera would premiere.

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