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April 15, 2021

Minister Igas: 30,000 MAI employees hired through backstairs influence

He reiterated that 10,000 employees will be sacked by the end of September.

Internal Affairs Minister Traian Igas is displeased with the fact that approximately 30,000 of his Ministry’s employees were employed through “backstairs influence” and that some advances in rank took place in the same manner.

“I’ve analyzed the last 13 years; 63,000 people with no military training were hired during that time. People that were not familiar with the Ministry were hired, given a desk and asked to do police work. Some went through fair examinations, but others were hired because they were backed by this or that person. The latter are inexperienced people unwilling to accumulate experience or to dedicate themselves to their jobs. We have a major problem. (…) 29,000 people trained in our schools were hired in the last 13 years, and 63,000 came from outside the system. From what we know I believe approximately half of those benefited from some kind of backstairs influence. I’m afraid that’s the conclusion. They were hired from outside the system,” Internal Affairs Minister stated on Tuesday evening on Realitatea TV.

“In what concerns advances in rank, they were not very fair either as long as there are 40-year-old policemen that have already become quaestors, as long as the time needed to advance in rank has been shortened so that there are some employees that have advanced in rank twice in a single year. Unfortunately, there are people that have grown used to using backstairs influence,” Traian Igas stated.

He reiterated that 10,000 employees will be sacked by the end of September. “10,000 employees will be sacked by the end of September. They will receive unemployment benefits and those willing can benefit from professional reconversion. A part of them were removed through retirements, resignations. From now on approximately 5,000-6,000 of them will be sacked,” Traian Igas pointed out.

A few hours before, President Basescu had stated for Radio Romania Actualitati that public sector layoffs will continue, removing incompetent employees from the state apparatus being an absolute necessity from his point of view. In what concerns the Internal Affairs Ministry, the President expressed his hope that “by sacking 10,000 employees we will sack precisely those that do not belong within Police or the Gendarmerie,” including “nephews.”

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