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May 6, 2021

Opposition leaders accuse president of distorting the Constitution

Social-Democrats and Liberals promptly reacted to president Basescu’s statement to the effect that the prime-minister should be appointed from the ranks of the majority party, rather than from an alliance, accusing him of juggling with the Constitution to serve his own purposes, since an alliance, as is the Social Liberal Union (USL), has the status of a party, from a legal point of view.

THE PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIAL-DEMOCRAT PARTY (PSD), VICTOR PONTA, argued, yesterday, that the president’s statements regarding the appointment of the prime-minister pointed to the head of state’s ambition to become “a European Mubarak”, which will have tanks out in the streets after the elections. “Either Traian Basescu plans to turn into a European Mubarak and to have tanks out in the streets after the elections, so as not to appoint a USL prime-minister, which I doubt he’d have the courage to do, or he’s bluffing, out of fear, trying to reassure himself and the Democrat-Liberal Party (PDL). Things are crystal-clear: if USL gets over 50 pc of votes, it will nominate the prime-minister, and, if Basescu has a problem with that, he’s free to resign before being suspended,” Ponta stated, quoted by Mediafax.

Former PRESIDENT ION ILIESCU argued, as well, that Basescu was misinterpreting the Constitution. “The president should refrain from such interpretations of the Constitution, which are entirely unconstitutional, and there are constitutional measures to prevent him from this, such as suspension. In sum, he should refrain from such statements,” the honourary president of PSD stated.

In turn, THE PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY (PNL), CRIN ANTONESCU, argues the result of elections should be respected when the prime-minister is appointed, adding that the result of the 2012 elections will be observed “with or without the president”. “Things will get back on track by having the president suspended,” Antonescu stated, underlining that PNL would never collaborate with Traian Basescu or with the latter’s party.

DEPUTY PRESIDENT OF PNL RELU FENECHIU calls on the head of state to read the political parties’ law, which stipulates that an electoral alliance, as is the USL, has a legal status akin to that of a party.

LIBERAL SENATORS’ LEADER, PUIU HASOTTI, claims that the alliance Basescu suggested, comprising PDL, PNL and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), is a fine dream for the head of state, but a nightmare for PNL.
In the opposing camp, the representatives of the ruling coalition find different interpretations for the president’s statements.

DEMOCRAT-LIBERAL MEP CRISTIAN PREDA thinks that the statement regarding the appointment of the premier should be read as an invitation extended to USL to a debate on the revising of the Constitution.

In turn, the SPOKESMAN FOR PDL, SEVER VOINESCU, stated he agreed with the head of state that the only solution for Romania could only come from the rightwing and argued PNL may get back on track “once Crin Antonescu fails in the election,” that is, after the electoral race.

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