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February 4, 2023

Romania, steepest retail decline EU-wide

The retail business turnover, save for motor vehicles and motorcycles, rose 1.1 pc in June, from May, yet, when adjusted to the number of working days and seasonality, it fell 1.2 pc, with the H1 indicators down, 5.8 pc and 6.2 pc respectively. Compared to May, June saw a rise in car sales at specialized dealers (1.9 pc), foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco (0.9 pc), and non-foodstuffs, 0.7 pc, according to a release from the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The gross series trade business turnover was down 9.4 pc year-on-year, yet less than the slump in foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco (11.6 pc), non-foodstuffs, 10.1 pc and car fuel retail sales in specialized stores, 4.7 pc. Adjusted series-wise, the decline matched 8.3 pc.

The H1 gross series indicator fell 5.8 pc year-on-year, amid declining sales of foodstuffs, 9.7 pc, retail fuel sales in specialized stores, 4.2 pc, and non-foodstuffs, 3.4 pc, according INS data.

The Eurostat report shows Romania had the steepest retail decline in June across the EU, 1.3 pc, from May. The sharpest rises were posted by Germany, 6.3 pc, Latvia, 3.3 pc and Sweden, 3 pc. At the opposite end of the scale, Romania, -1.3 pc, and Belgium, -1 pc. Compared to June of last year, the last month before the VAT rose from 19 to 24 pc, Romania reported the second- sharpest decline throughout the EU, 8.2 pc, after Spain, 8.3 pc., and that against an average reduction of -0.2 pc. The euro zone saw a June 2011 retail drop of 0.4 pc, compared to last year.

Tourist arrivals and overnight stays up 11.7 pc and 4.2 pc in q1

The INS report also shows the proportion of tourist arrivals and overnight stays in hotels, boarding houses and other lodging units up 11.7 pc and 4.2 pc in the first half. The June rates were up 17.6 pc and 3 pc respectively against those in the year-earlier period. Hotel arrivals accounted for 77.3 pc of all the lodging structures.

The net lodgings index equalled 27.3 pc, down 1.5 pc from June 2010. Hotels posted net lodgings matching 32.8 pc.

Foreign visitor arrivals in Romania, as registered at border checkpoints, came to 746,900 in June, up 9 pc year-on-year. Most of the foreign visitors came from European countries, as follows: Hungary, 39.1 pc, Bulgaria, 15.3 pc, Germany, 9 pc, Italy, 7.5 pc, and Austria, 4.1 pc. Romanian visitor departures abroad, registered at border checkpoints, numbered bit over 1 million, up 5.1 pc year-on-year. Motor vehicles were the means of transportation most used by Romanian visitors abroad, 71.4 pc of the overall departures.

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