Nearly EUR 3 M from ex-CFR director’s assets may be confiscated

The ex-director general of CFR Calatori Alexandru Noaptes and his wife cannot account for EUR 2.8 M of their wealth and the National Integrity Agency called on the Bucharest Court of Appeal to initiate an investigation into the wealth and assets amassed by the two. The press repeatedly pointed to Alexandru Noaptes as one of the wealthiest civil servants in Romania.

Thus, after a check into the assets acquired while Alexandru Noaptes acted as the director general of CFR, that is, between 2005 and 2009, the National Integrity Agency found a significant difference, amounting to EUR 2.8 M, between the acquired wealth and income made, between 2005 and 2007. The wealth owned by the former director general of CFR, together with his wife, amounts, according to figures in the tax records, to approx. EUR 3 M – EUR 3,027,987, to be precise.

Noaptes acted, between March 9, 2005, and January 19, 2009, as director general and chairman of the Board of the National Railway Company “CFR Calatori- S.A.” In retort, Noaptes told Antena 3 that the EUR 2.8 M sum is huge and all these accusations are unfounded, as ANI neglected several papers he sent to justify his assets.

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