Udrea: We shouldn’t raise wages, pensions

The Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea argued on Saturday on her blog that “Romania is growing”, while warning that close attention should be paid to the international economic crisis, which is to say the government should not “give in” to temptation by “granting populist pension and wage raises”.

“We mustn’t give in to the temptation of granting populist pension and wage raises. Romanians had to make too great sacrifices for the national economy to stabilise to have these sacrifices annulled now by the Social Liberal Union’s wish to accede to power,” Udrea claims. The minister further argues that, while, in other countries, the press is keeping a close watch of the evolution of markets, “here a strange silence reigns, which seems nearly imposed by someone”. “Thus, I’m led to think that our news channels, otherwise very knowledgeable about everything, either don’t understand what’s going on or refuse to report on what’s going on outside Romania, precisely so as to blame it on the present government, in case new problems arise,” the deputy president of the Democratic Liberal Party concludes.

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