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March 23, 2023

Dinescu calls president a ‘jackass’

During a political talk show on Realitatea TV, leading poet and editorialist Mircea Dinescu referred to President Traian Basescu as a ‘jackass,’ according to daily ‘Azi.’ Dinescu was asked to comment on Basescu’s recent attack on celebrated writer and ex presidential adviser Andrei Plesu. When asked why he thinks Basescu attacked Plesu, Dinescu replied, ‘Because he’s a jackass.’ “Of course he is. It was obvious when he gave up Plesu at Cotroceni. To have the brightest person in Romania as an adviser and to fire him… Basescu asked me to talk to Plesu into taking the job, he wanted to have someone more enlightened next to him. But in the end, he didn’t like to have such a smart adviser, who was making him feel inferior,” Dinescu said.

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