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June 28, 2022

Police stage protest in chains at Interior Ministry HQ

Demonstrations will continue until August 19 and will be attended by higher numbers of police agents, union leader says.

Three police agents staged a protest in chains in front of the Interior Ministry headquarters yesterday, urging Interior Minister Igas to solve their trade union’s problems regarding disciplinary regime and discount of transport expenses. The three, members of the National Police Agents’ Union (SNAP), tied their arms in chains and carried a banner reading “We are prisoners of your incompetence.”

SNAP president Iulian Surugiu said protest actions will continue every day until August 19 and the number of demonstrators will grow until Minister Igas “sits down at the table and does his job.”  Surugiu explained that SNAP unionists want Igas to solve a series of problems they are facing following two orders of the Interior Ministry dating back to 2004, orders that brought changes to their discipline regime and to transport cost discounts.

The union leader added that about three months ago there was an attempt to change these orders and a working group was set up, consisting of members of several unions and Interior Ministry officials, but these people only “took pictures of Minister Igas.” “Ever since he was appointed on the job, Minister Igas is only carrying out his political mandate, which is to sack people,” Surugiu added.

The minister has recently launched a restructuring process which aims to have 10,000 employees laid-off. By the end of September, about 6,000 more employees should be sacked, after several workers chose to retire or suspend their position, Igas said recently. The minister also said that reform of the institution is needed because about 30,000 people joined the ranks of the ministry through various connections and more than 63,000 were hired in the last 13 years although they had no military training.

Commenting on the minister’s statements, Surugiu said he was waiting for Igas to show who the Interior Ministry employees hired through connections are and to sack them, along with their ‘connections.’

Meanwhile, Igas said yesterday that he was scheduled to have a meeting with police trade unions later in the day, to discuss the police status project and other Interior Ministry-related issues.

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