Aldis owner George Naghi to be buried in Calarasi today

Businessman George Naghi, owner of Aldis, a manufacturer of salami and sausages, who died in a boat accident Sunday, will be buried in Calarasi’s Central Cemetery today. Local authorities declared today a day of mourning.

According to forensic doctors, Naghi’s death was exclusively due to traumatisms suffered when he was thrown off board as the boat crashed at great speed into the bank of the Danube’s arm of Borcea. Naghi had his backbone broken, which rules out early suppositions about allegedly his falling victim to a heart attack or a stroke. Boat experts blame overspeeding for the accident. “The boat engine was way too powerful. (…) Any speed beyond 40 km/hour means high speed on such interior water as the Danube. No matter how experienced you are, a small mistake could be fatal,” Valerie Timofei, president of the Yacht Club Regal told

Alina Naghi, George Naghi’s wife, will not attend the burial after all, as the press had announced earlier, given she’s still in hospital. Further more, medical sources say her relatives demanded that she be transferred to a hospital in Vienna, despite Romanian doctors saying her lesions could be treated at Bucharest’s Floreasca Emergency Hospital, where she is now, just as well. Alina Naghi suffered a cranial polytraumatism and four broken ribs.

According to the national press, the life of the businessman was worthy of a telenovela. This was his third marriage. He had three children, two natural ones, a girl from his first marriage, and a boy from his second, whose wedding he had attended the day before he died, and one adopted child, Gina, his wife’s daughter from a previous marriage, with whom he was on good terms. His natural daughter, Alina, got involved in business along with her husband, whereas his son, a passionate gambler, was known as “the black sheep of the family.”  It appears that Gina and Alina Naghi will be sole inheritors of George Naghi’s EUR 28 M estimated fortune. The late millionaire owned several pieces of real estate, He built an agritourism boarding house of nearly EUR 8 M on the bank of the Danube. He also owned over 2000 hectares of farmland, sheep and cattle farms. Realitatea TV reports that Aldis was indebted over EUR 2.5 M to the state budget. According to the source quoted, the debt owed to the state budget alone equalled RON 8 M-plus, with a further RON 1.5 M owed to the social security budget. A forced execution procedure has been opened towards the amounts owed being recovered. The information was neither confirmed nor denied by any Aldis Company official or member of the Naghi family.

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