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December 2, 2021

Stretcher bearer stabbed by gang member in Cluj

On Tuesday morning gang member Marius David stabbed a stretcher bearer in the ER of Cluj-Napoca’s Emergency Hospital. He was apprehended several hours later in the courtyard of another hospital in Cluj. According to sources familiar with the investigation, he was trying to hide in some bushes in the hospital’s courtyard.

The stretcher bearer underwent surgery and is in a stable condition. “He was stabbed several times in the left arm and the chest. He underwent surgery and is currently in a stable condition but will need a long period of medical care,” Head of ER Dorin Muresan stated for Mediafax. Police spokesperson Alma Bruja-Brehariu stated that police received a distress call on Tuesday morning at 5.30 AM. Preliminary investigations pointed out that Marius David showed up at the hospital’s ER on Monday morning, where he was hospitalized and prescribed a treatment. On Tuesday morning the patient became aggressive, stabbing a stretcher bearer and fleeing.

The Head of ER stated that the aggressor was visited by a relative that may have given him the knife with which he stabbed the stretcher bearer. According to the aforementioned source, Marius David had hid the knife under his t-shirt. The gang member went to the ER several times in recent days in order to receive medical care. The doctors sent him to the psychiatric ward but David refused to go.

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