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March 5, 2021

George Naghi’s fortune disputed by heirs

Thousands of Calarasi residents including members of the Naghi family, friends and Aldis employees yesterday attended the funeral of businessman George Naghi, who died in a boat accident Sunday, aged 59.

The businessman’s wife, Alina, under medical care in Vienna, was injured in the accident. As expected, speculation has been rife over who will inherit Naghi’s fortune estimated at nearly 28 M euro. The Aldis Company owned by the late businessman is Romania’s largest salami and sausages factory in terms of sales volume. Naghi had also got involved in the farming, cattle-growing and grain business.

Vasile Taranu, an old friend of the deceased businessman, yesterday said that the family fortune would remain with his third wife, Alina, according to a will made a couple of years ago.

“There is a will made at a notary public a couple of years ago under which he leaves everything he owns to her if he dies, and the same stands for her. I think this is a fairly authentic and valid document,” Taranu said.

This was Naghi’s third marriage. He had two children, a girl and a boy, from previous marriages. He also adopted the daughter of his third wife.

George Naghi’s will sparked a genuine war among family members, given the businessman’s natural son contesting it and being resolute about challenging the will in court. Even if a renegade son on account of his gambling habit, Doru Naghi says he is the millionaire’s sole natural heir and is entitled to his share of the fortune.

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