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December 7, 2022

Nastase: USL PM will be Victor Ponta

The ex-premier Adrian Nastase stated on Tuesday evening on Realitatea TV that the man the Social Liberal Union (USL) would nominate for prime-minister, if it secures 50 pc +1 of suffrages in next year’s elections, is Victor Ponta, the current Social-Democrat leader.

“It is a political decision, accepted by us and the Liberals alike. (…) The prime-minister needn’t be the best macroeconomist or the greatest specialist in cultural affairs or stock-raising. He should, however, have a very good team, to persuade voters he can find solutions to the problems of the country,” Nastase argued, quoted by realitatea.net. As regards the odds that a Victor Ponta – Traian Basescu should work, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader argued each of the two should act in a balanced fashion. When asked whether he considered a change in the PM seat likely to occur this autumn, Adrian Nastase replied in the negative. “Not at this point. I don’t know whether (e.n. Emil Boc will remain in office) for another year, this depends on how the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) acts, on the economic and social situation, on purchase power. Depending on these, there may be an amount of social pressure, some reaction from UDMR, and the government may lose majority in Parliament,” the Social-Democrat leader further stated. As regards the rather fanciful hypothesis, put forth by the talk show host, that president Basescu should offer the prime-minister office to Nastase-himself, the latter replied he doubted this could solve the problems of the nation. “The prime-minister office has to be bound with an institutional structure that works. There is no prime-minister. There is a government, which has a prime-minister at its helm. Things are a bit more complex. You don’t solve the problems of the country by taking a liking to someone. The Romanian Govern­ment, whatever its political colouring, must negotiate with the opposition in Romania, whatever that means, at a critical time,” the ex-PM argued. Indeed, in his opinion, as long as Basescu also acts as the head of the Cabinet, no one else can work in that office. On the other hand, he stated that, out of the present Cabinet, the one he would preserve in a future government is the Culture Minister, the UDMR president Kelemen Hunor.

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