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December 6, 2022

Romanian Police has fastest car it ever had, Lotus Evora S

The Romanian Police yesterday was given a Lotus Evora S luxury car for use for a period of two years. The USD 75,000 sports car was offered by the Forza Rossa dealership. The car reaches 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, which makes it the fastest car the Romanian Police has ever been equipped with. According to HotNews.ro, this initiative puts Romania in an exclusivist league of countries, including Great Britain and Italy, where such agreement has been struck. “The car is offered for use free of charge (…)  and will be driven by the elite crew of the Romanian Police for surveillance of the busiest and most accident-prone roads,” Forza Rossa, the official importer of Lotus cars in Romania, said. Lotus Evora S will be used for patrolling and special missions, mostly on motorways. The car is equipped with a EUR 1,500 – 2000 audio and visual warning systems, a video monitoring system, and soon, a EUR 1,300 radio transmission system, the Police states. The 11,000 euro mobile radar system can be installed on any other car too, even on the rear window. The four drivers assigned to drive the car will be trained by pilot Titi Aur.

August 10th has been declared the “Accident Free Day,” at the initiative of the Association of Road Accident Victims (AVAC). There have been 17 days without road accidents in the first half of this year, a first for Romania, according to Lucian Dinita, head of the Traffic Police Department. According to statistics, 2,363 persons died in road accidents last year, 433 fewer than in 2009.

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