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October 22, 2021

Euro reaches 2011 record high against RON

Swiss franc reaches new all-time high – RON 4.0898.

The national currency continued to depreciate, against the blurry international background, so that the National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced a reference rate of RON 4.2855/EUR, this year’s record high, whereas the reference rate for the Swiss franc reached a new historical high, of RON 4.0898/CHF. The reference rate for the EUR is second only to the one released by BNR on December 30, of RON 4.2877/EUR, Mediafax reports. The rate rose by RON 0.0235 from Wednesday’s level, of RON 4.2620. The Swiss franc reached, on Thursday, its fifth consecutive high, rising by RON 0.0033 from Wednesday’s rate, of RON 4.0865/CHF. At the same time, the national currency also ebbed against the American currency and the official rate rose by RON 0.0548, to RON 3.0177/USD, from RON 2.9629/USD on Wednesday. According to the dealers, the RON continued to plummet after the closing of the local session, and the rate rose above RON 4.3/EUR.

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