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May 23, 2022

Kelemen Hunor wants a single Magyar candidate for Cluj mayor

Tokes claims Magyars don’t feel at home in Cluj, as it is “Ceausescu’s town”, not Hungarian King’s Corvin.

Kelemen Hunor (photo), president of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, and Minister of Culture and National Heritage, yesterday urged Magyars to choose a single candidate for the mayoral election in Cluj. The call was made in a message delivered on the occasion of the opening of the Days of Magyar Culture in Cluj, according to romanialibera.ro. In his view, the “greatest challenge to the Magyars in Cluj” will be “their ability to stand behind a single Magyar candidate”. As to the tensions between the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and the UDMR, which for three days had broken a local alliance protocol signed in 2004, Kelemen Hunor made the point he could neither “allow a market being organized near the Saint Mihail Church”, nor could he “let a valuable figure such as Matia Corvin be defiled”.

Romanialibera.ro cited UDMR sources saying that, so far, three names have been taken into account to run for mayor of Cluj. They are presidential adviser Peter Eckstein-Kovacs, UDMR Cluj leader and Deputy Levente Mate and Deputy Mayor Attila Laszlo. According to the source quoted, Levente Mate, known as being close to the UDMR president, is most likely to enter the mayoral race.

In Cluj, Magyars are hopeful to muster circa 25 pc of the votes, amid a good voter mobilization and the absenteeism of Romanian voters. If the Romanian vote is split among several candidates, and the mayoral election will be a single-ballot election, UDMR will have the unique chance to get the mayor’s position in Transylvania’s most important city, the source quoted wrote.

Also, Laszlo Tokes, who is also president of the National Council of Magyars in Romania, made some shocking statements while in Cluj  yesterday, saying that the city is modelled after late communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. “Cluj is the city of Ceausescu rather than King Matia’s <Matia Corvinul, also known as Matei Corvin, one of Hungary’s most important kings, who ruled between 1458 and 1490>; I believe the same stands for the holiday of Varadinum in Oradea: there is only a little street left that bears the name of the Holy King Ladislau (Ladislau I, aka Saint Ladislau, King of Hungary from 1077 and until his death, in 1095>. We wish we felt at home in Cluj, again, upright, we wish this city be back in Europe, for us, the Magyars, as partner citizens, to feel equal,” romanialibera.ro quoted Tokes as saying. He also criticised the initiatives of Democrat-Liberal Mayor Sorin Apostu’s decision to place near the pedestal of King Matia Corvin statue group a plaquette that Magyars found offending, containing the following Nicola Iorga quote: “Winner in wars, only defeated at Baia by his own people when trying to defeat the undefeated Moldavia. “This inscription written by historian Iorga damages the national identity of our king,” Tokes also said. He also spoke of unknown individuals who had thrown burnt oil on several graves in the Central Cemetery, and also of an archaeological building site at the back of the two-tower Reformat Church in the Regionala CFR area. He also criticised the situation at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Targu-Mures, where the university senate rejected a project granting extensive autonomy to the Magyar language study department, and the Rosia Montana mining project too.

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