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January 27, 2022

Three days of protest in Roşia Montană against Fân Fest festival

“Viitorul Mineritului Roşia Montană” Trade Union members and the locals came to the streets on the first day of the festival to show that they want mining and jobs.

Roşia Montană, 12 August 2011 – Around 500 members of “Viitorul Mineritului” Trade Union from Roşia Montană, joined by locals and their families, protested on Friday against the organizers of Fân Fest Festival which is taking place in the mining locality.

By their action, the people show their disagreement with this event which does not represent the community of the mining locality from Apuseni Mountains and which is meant to ban mining in the area and, implicitly, the loss of jobs.

“We came to the streets to protect our jobs. We do not have anything against those who come here to have fun and know our culture and traditions. However, Fân Fest is targeted against mining and the people from Roşia Montană, against the right of this community to a better living with their families. We do not want Fân Fest, we want the Miner’s Day, a celebration of all the locals of Rosia, and we also invite them then to see how the miners can party, a tradition that we want to last for years. We are tired of others coming to us and telling us what to do. We want to decide our future alone, and most of us want mining”, says Cristian Albu, President of Viitorul Mineritului Roşia Montană Trade Union.

“The people of Rosia are open and welcoming and happy to have guests. We ask all those who come to Fân Fest to have only fun, to visit tourist objectives, to get to know us better, but abstain from comments against the mining project and respect our decision to work and make an honest livelihood, in our home”, states the press release.

The people sang the Miners’ Anthem and Iancu’s March on their way from the Mayoralty to Roşia Montana Square and said to all those whom they met that they want mining.

Protest marches against Fân Fest and those who want to kill mining in Roşia Montană will take place throughout the festival.

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