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May 19, 2022

First edition of ‘Long Night of Libraries’ scheduled for October

“The Long Night of Libraries”, an event meant to promote going to the library, reading and the need for research, in the digital context of 2011, will take place on October 1, 6pm to 4am, Mediafax reports. During the manifestation, organized by the Excedo Association, in partnership with the Romanian National Asso­ciation of Librarians and Public Libraries (ANBPR) and the Marketer Club Association, writers, literary critics, poets and researchers will come together to share their experiences as readers, with the public.

The programme will also include unplugged concerts and the public will have free access to all the events taking place on the Night of Libraries.

The initiative sprang from the idea that, if even a quarter of those who went to the library at least once in the past ten years could be persuaded to come back to the reading rooms at least once a year, the mood in Romanian libraries would be altered significantly, even more so if every visitor brings along a friend.

“We conceived this project in the context in which even educated Romanian people, with means, see Kindle or iPad as an alternative to real libraries. How hard can it be to come back, if only for one night, to the actual reading room experience? No matter whom you ask, however hard we try to pass for ‘hi-tech’ or ‘gadget freaks’, a PDF document cannot beat the feel of a used library book and the amount of writing in these institutions all but forgotten by most young professionals,” the organizers claim.

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