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December 4, 2021

Democrat Liberal MEP: Cabinet needs to be reshuffled

Ruling Democrat Liberal Party’s (PDL) MEP Cristian Preda told RFI yesterday that the current government has to be reshuffled because “credible people” are needed to support its measures. “We must not settle for the idea that we are doing glorious things, that will remain in history, and we will easily lose next year’s elections,” Preda said.

He underlined that Emil Boc’s cabinet has a big confidence problem and proposed three solutions to help the executive regain trust. “The first would be a reshuffle. If it proves impossible to replace the prime minister (…), then a reshuffle is needed, so that the government benefits from some new voices, a breath of fresh air,” the MEP said.

Preda also suggested that local leaders with a good public image be given a more important role in decisions made at central level. Thirdly, the MEP said that in the prospect of next year’s local and legislative elections, PDL should hold a preliminary poll in Bucharest to establish who the best candidates are for mayors and county councils. “Such dialogue and such a confrontation would increase confidence, because the public will see we have nothing to hide,” the Democrat Liberal said.

Talking about the legislative elections, which the opposition has very high chances to win if it maintains its rising trend in opinion polls, Preda did not rule out the possibility that the next PM would not be a member of the PDL, even if President Basescu recently rejected the idea of naming a prime minister from the ranks of the opposition.

Preda warned however that it would be “a catastrophe” if the next PM were Social Democrat leader Victor Ponta, who has “a stand-up comedy discourse, not the discourse of a politician who wants to lead a country in crisis.”

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