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June 27, 2022

“Last Days in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Life” to be launched in December

The shooting of the feature which attempts to reconstruct the last days in the late Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s life is over and the film will be launched most likely in December, the director Radu Gabrea stated on Friday, in a press conference marking the launch of a brand-new Romanian film festival – the Medias Central European Film Festival (MECEFF). The docu-drama “The Last Days in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Life”, shot in Targoviste and Bucharest, stars Constantin Cojocaru – in the title role – and Victoria Cocias – as Elena Ceausescu. “The film includes testimonies, archive footing and, in cases where no such material existed, re-enactments,” the actress Victoria Cocias stated, for Mediafax. The latter added that even the famous scene of the trial was re-enacted, for the feature. The film “The Last Days in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Life”, directed by Radu Gabrea, based on a script by Grigore Cartianu, won RON 697,087-funding in the first stage of the cinematic projects competition organized by the National Cinematography Centre (CNC) in 2010. Constantin Cojocaru and Victoria Cocias have taken on the parts of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu once before in the documentary theatre show “The Last Hours of Ceausescu”, directed by Milo Rau and Simone Eisenring.

Out of the approximately 50 films to be screened during the seven days of the Medias Festival, between September 5 and 11, seven are included in the direct competition. According to a press release, alongside the already-announced sections (Guest Country: Israel, A Director’s Profile: Jiri Menzel, and Films in Yiddish restored by the National Centre for Jewish Film in the USA), Radu Gabrea disclosed the MECEFF President’s selection, which includes films with a historical value (“Manasse”), recent Romanian productions which collected important awards (“Kapi­ta­lism: Our Improved Formula” and “Medal of Honour”), films which address the theme of Jewish identity (“Fear Not, Jakob” and “Goldfaden’s Legacy”) and two directors’ profiles – Copel Moscu – a documentary filmmaker, little known to the public as yet – and Adina Pintilie – an exceptionally talented young director.

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