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November 30, 2022

Roma clan who stole USD 40 M arrested in the USA

Several members of a Roma clan specializing in palm reading and witchcraft have been arrested in the United States, Antena 3 reported, according to which US prosecutors learned the clan amassed USD 40 M from scams. Customers started out with a session of palm reading only to end up giving the PIN number of their card. The mastermind of the scheme was Nancy Marks, who was arrested in May. The network took advantage of gullible customers who were persuaded to pay increasingly high fees with each palm reading session. Since 1991, the Marks clan managed to amass USD 30 M. The victims were asked to give their expensive watches to get their lovers back. Adulterine spouses were demanded a gold coin for each year of extramarital relationships. Many of the customers were fooled to the point of revealing the PIN number of their cards to the fortune tellers. The Marks owned several front companies in several US states.

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