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January 28, 2022

Government might pass new car tax law in two weeks

The minister of Environment and Forests, Laszlo Borbely said in a press conference yesterday that he hope the Executive will approve the new variant of the car tax before the new session of the Parliament, i.e. in two weeks at latest, Money.ro reports.

“I hope, but it depends on the government to adopt the draft law of the new car tax until the beginning of the Parliament session, which would mean this or next week. We are on the homestretch,” he said.

At the end of June, Borbely announced that car owners that paid the pollution tax this year will be repaid 20-30 pc of the sum, when the government will change the procedure of paying the tax, which will result in its decrease. “Those who paid after the December modification of the emergency ordinance that regulates this tax will be repaid 20-30 pc of the money, when we adopt the new form of the law, in accord with the new values of the tax,” the minister said at that moment.

At the end of December 2010, the government passed an emergency ordinance on modifying and completing OUG 50/2008 that increased the pollution tax starting with January 1st 2011 and instated the tax also for Euro 5 engines.

Following this act, the owners of cars equipped with Euro 5 engines must pay this year a tax between EUR 40 and 1,867, depending on the age of the vehicle, its CO2 emissions and the capacity of the engine. The tax for a 5 year old car with a Euro 4 engine of 2,000 cubic cm will increase this year to EUR 2,152, from EUR 832 last year.

In the case of 12 year old Euro 3 engines with the capacity of 2,000 cu.cm the tax doubled from EUR 811 to EUR 1,787 this year. If the car is 10 years old and has an Euro 2 engine of 3,200 cu.cm, the tax increased from EUR 17,408 in 2010 to EUR 19,584 this year. Euro 1 cars with an age of 16 years and engines of 3,200 cu.cm will be taxed with EUR 12,672 (up from EUR 10,240). For Euro 0 engines of 2,000 cu.cm, with an age of 19 years, the green tax increased from EUR 8,400 in 2010 to EUR 12,680 this year.

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