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October 23, 2020

Udrea: PDL may change its party colour

PDL Vice President Elena Udrea announced that the party may give up its orange color during the 2012 elections in order to give a new boost to its symbols. During an interview for ‘Ring’ daily, Udrea was asked whether PDL might replace its traditional orange colour during next year’s elections. “Yes, it’s possible. I believe the party needs a boost, a new start in the manner it presents itself to voters, and in this context we may decide to change our party colour,” Udrea answered. In her opinion, PDL has “big chances” to win the 2012 elections if it will mobilize and will “manage to wake up the electorate.” “Until now we managed to resist the crisis that has brought other countries to bankruptcy. People have forgotten who PSD and PNL are, and we have to remind them, we have to strip the two parties of the hypocrisy with which they have covered themselves in an attempt to trick the voters,” Udrea said. Udrea also attacked PSD President Victor Ponta, saying he is probably outraged that she has a good relationship with many Social-Democrat local leaders and that’s why he accused her of allotting investments money according to the political affiliation.

“I wanted to resign”

The Ministry of Development and Tourism also confessed that she mulled resigning because of the number of tasks she had taken upon herself. Such a moment occurred in 2009, during the Presidential campaign. Elena Udrea wanted to give up her office as a Minister in order to be a member of Traian Basescu’s team. “I was thinking that it would be too difficult to fulfill my duties as Minister and to do everything I could for the President to win. It wasn’t necessary, I did all that,” Elena Udrea explained.

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